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Welcome to Inspiring Kids. We’re glad you’ve found us.

Inspiring Kids provides tutoring and wellbeing services to support children and young people (and their parents/guardians)
on what can be a challenging journey through their school years and beyond.
If you’re a parent and your child is struggling at school, in a specific subject or more generally, or if you are home schooling and feel the need for extra support, Inspiring Kids can help. We are currently operating in Bath, Bournemouth and Wiltshire.

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Academic tutoring is an important part of what we do, and the Inspiring Kids team includes a wide range of subject-specialist tutors to support children through primary and secondary education, and even onwards to sixth form.

However we know from personal experience that the difficulties young people experience in their school years can be complicated and are not always rooted in academic challenges.

Inspiring Kids takes a “whole child” approach, and we have established a community of therapists and mentors, as well as tutors, who provide education and therapeutic nurturing for all children. This includes those with anxiety and other mental health difficulties, particularly those who find the school atmosphere challenging.

How it works

At Inspiring Kids, we know that each child is different and there is no one-size fits all answer. That’s why I meet all my tutors, therapists and mentors personally so I can make as good a match as possible for each child’s personality and needs.

The same goes for parents. By meeting you, I can gain a much better insight into your child’s current situation, needs, experiences, hopes and fears, and can begin working with you to find a way forward. For some this could be a single solution, but for others it may involve a combination of academic and wellness support – either way, we will plan together with you for your child.

So, the first step is to get in touch. Drop me a line using one of the contact forms, and I will get in touch so you can ask me any questions, find out more about how we work, and if it suits you, arrange to meet so we can start making plans.

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Join us

If you’re a freelance tutor, we would love to hear from you. Inspiring Kids has lots of families looking for support, and if you have SEN experience, all the better.
We are also always keen to hear from qualified children’s therapists and people with mentoring experience.

About Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m a qualified teacher, a tutor and a parent with two teenage children, based in Bath.

I am passionate about enabling all children to reach their potential and lead their fullest lives.

I set up Inspiring Kids to be a “hub” for parents and children to access education and wellbeing services to support their learning and enhance their lives.

Lucy Billington - Inspiring Kids

Our services

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Academic Tutors

For some children, the key is academic support, and we have an excellent selection of talented, caring and committed tutors who are all personally vetted by us.

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Therapeutic Approaches

Some young people find school life and learning more challenging than others, that’s why Inspiring Kids has developed a network of therapists who are able to support them in the way that suits their own needs and personality.

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A mentor can talk to your child about problems that crop up and help set future career goals.
Or a mentor and your child might just spend time having fun together. Having a mentor can raise a child’s self-esteem and lead to better performance at school.

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